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The Great Gatsby Leonardo Dicaprio off White Suit

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The Great Gatsby Off White Suit Of Leonardo DiCaprio

It’s time to add a classic formal fashion approach in your personality. Worn by Leonardo Dicaprio, who portrayed the role of Jay Gatsby, we present this Great Gatsby Suit. You are guaranteed to get the screen perfect outfit with quality craftsmanship.

Leonardo Dicaprio Suit is entirely prepared from high-quality tropical fabric. The coat features a peak lapel, one chest pocket, two flap pockets outside, and two pockets inside. The ivory color gives you a royal style. The trouser, also in white, has two side and two back pockets. The vest, which is in brown, can be ordered for an extra $50. So, it’s time to order your Gatsby white suit now.


  • Jacket: High Quality Tropical Fabric
  • Peak Lapel
  • Two Button closure
  • One Chest Pocket, Two Flap Pocket At Waist and Two Inside Pockets
  • Three Buttons At The Sleeves Cut


  • Flat-Front Trousers
  • Two Side Pockets and Two Back Pockets


Note:Made to Measure sizing, kindly fill this size sheet and email us at after placing your order.  Click Here

Note: For Made to Measure sizing, kindly fill this Size Sheet and email us at After placing your order.  Click Here

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  1. Posted by:

    Lawrence Warren

    Nice, Affordable Suit  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    The best quality clothing in the world and shipping was on time, and it fit perfectly thank you I feel like a celebrity now lol

  2. Posted by:

    Joel Johns

    Ideal Site For The Great Gatsby Clothing  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Tomorrow is my wedding, and the reception is a Gatsby theme. I have always been interested in wearing one of these suits because of how classy they look. I searched the best Gatsby clothing online, and this was the ideal store for that.
    So yesterday I tried on the suit that arrived a day before, and it was the best Gatsby suit I could wear.

  3. Posted by:

    Rudy L. Cuneo

    Decent Style  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I liked this apparel because of its decent style, exceptional material, and price of this suit.
    The fitting of the jacket was good on my 6ft tall 38 inches height, with 34” waist. After my first try, I have to get the sleeves to be tailored, but that’s good now. It was good experience purchasing from here.

  4. Posted by:

    David U.S

    Waist Didn’t Fits Perfectly  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I was not in mood to buy that $300 suits that I even can’t wear for a long time so I decided to go for a cheap purchase and will be good if I only wear it for a month. I got that suit in cheap price here for what I recommend the seller. I’m chest size is 42 inches and 34 Waist (a perfect fitted guy :)). I was convinced that there would be no sizing issues as I mentioned all complete measurements in the size chart. But still the waist of trouser ran short 2 inches. The tag says its 35 inches but fits like its 32 inches. I complained, and they promised to let me have my perfect size within a week and there I got that. It was disappointing while ordering first time and having shit experience but what service I got in exchange time made me recommend this seller.

  5. Posted by:

    Kris E. Branch

    Overall, A Great Suit, But Shade Should Have Been A Little Darker  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    The tailoring of the suit is good. It feels very comfortable wearing this suit. However, there were some creases on the suit because it was not hanged well and packed not the way it should be but after steaming it once it looks great.
    I recommend this suit to everyone but not for guys who love to eat a lot.

  6. Posted by:

    M. Robinson

    4 Stars  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    The suit is excellent. Tailoring of jacket and trouser is neat, but there were some differences and problems as well. It was not like what I saw in the pictures. The color of the suit was different when I compared it to the suit on the product image, after receiving my order. It was loose 1 inch from all side. It makes a difference in style, but still, I liked it for its incredible price. Apart from that, it’s a comfortable apparel, and the material is good. I would give this outfit five stars if the size and color were what I needed them to be.

  7. Posted by:

    Tyler Simpson

    Will Recommend For A Nice Suit With Reasonable Price  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I will surely rate this suit more than 5 Stars if possible. It was an event going to happen, and I want my husband to wear a unique suit. But it was a one-time event, so I don’t want to waste my money buying the expensive suit. Just want something affordable with good quality. I was expecting that, however, it’s cheap and its quality will also be of lower category but the suit was well designed and made of high-quality material. It was neatly hanged vacuumed packed and just need to be steamed once. It was a good fit to my husband and still he wears this suit sometimes. It was a nice decision and nice purchase to make from here.

  8. Posted by:

    Kyle J. Dawson

    I didn’t expect this much from  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I didn’t expect this much from this suit. Although, it was unseen, but when I first saw this suit I thought to buy it. However, I’m not a huge guy; my chest is 38” where my waist lies 30 inches. I didn’t expect that this suit will fit me perfectly, but it does. It was good, and I’m satisfied for what I paid. While there was something, that should be solved. Whenever a suit arrives, it comes well packed but when I got my suit it was crumbled in the box floor. I contacted to customer service, and they said that it will be like new again by just a careful steaming, and it worked. It was a good purchase from here.

  9. Posted by:

    William Y. Simmons

    For The Price, This Is A Nice Suit  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    My Leonardo DiCaprio suit has just arrived. I feel so comfortable and relaxed in this apparel. I love the color because it is quite different, fitting was on point as well. This looks like it will last a long time and maintain its shape.

  10. Posted by:

    John Bishop

    Great Experience.  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    By giving such an exceptional and stylishly made tailored suit at such a reasonable price that I can afford with my limited budget is something I am very lucky to have. I will refer this site to all my friends to let them know about the convenient facilities that this online store offers. Free shipping, and an exchange return policy that sounds pretty reasonable.

  11. Posted by:

    Marcus Martin

    Free Shipment. Wow!!  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    This is so cool. I am only paying for the product itself and nothing else. Very rare you find such a site that can give you this leniency…or more like advantage. This site rocks, seriously. I saved a lot of money and with that I bought another outfit from this very site. Great discounts are available too. I thought that I have to spend big on one item but turns out I get to buy two items. Oh yeah! I almost forgot about the delivery speed. It came to my address directly and they didn’t ask for any directions.

  12. Posted by:

    Aldo Daniels

    Decent Outfit With Luxurious Feel  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    It is truly a decent suit, with up to the standard material quality and cut for the value. I will use this apparel for any formal event. It looks luxurious and feels breathable. I'll surely buy one more in the future.

  13. Posted by:

    Jerry Delaney

    Reasonable Price For A Top Class Outfit  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    By looking at the suit itself, it looks expensive. Clothing pieces worn by movie stars ought to be costly, but not on your store. It does represent the designer quality, and the material's quality is first-rate. I will recommend your store to anyone who is looking for an expensive suit on a limited budget.

  14. Posted by:

    Michael Villar, AUS

    Style Hits The Mark  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    The suit is one of the best I have ever seen. The fact that this suit ticks all the boxes when it comes to modern day style, gives it that tag. I did research and it said that this is one of the most demanded suits in the past year and is still going strong. So when it comes to picking the most trendiest and stylish suit in the fashion world, this is the one.

  15. Posted by:

    William Sosa

    Fits Like A Boss  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    The fitting is unbelievable. Every inch of the suit fits just right. It does look good on me. From a narrow fit, it became a slim fit because of my body mass.

  16. Posted by:

    Shane Key

    Perfect Wedding Suit  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Planning a wedding is hectic, especially when it comes to picking his suit. My boys and I were searching for my suit, and we could not decide on one color and style. But we all agreed on this suit, and we weren't disappointed with our decision.

  17. Posted by:

    David Smock

    Regular Maintenance Required  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    No doubt that the suit looks fashionable and stylish, but the thing is white has a bigger risk of getting dirty fast, so you have to be very careful about where you wear it. So all I’m saying is that a lot of care is needed to maintain this suit.

  18. Posted by:

    James Wall, USA

    Delayed Service  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Keeping in mind the great quality of the suit, I must bring into notice that I, unfortunately, got my package delivered a bit late than the given period. I had contacted the customer service and said that it is on its way and that very next day it arrived. It was not that late, but I wanted it to be on time. I will still order from this online store again and hope for a swift delivery as compared to this one where I had to wait a day extra.

  19. Posted by:

    Kelvin C. NZ

    I Can Manage  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    What I expected a slim suit to be ordered by me, turned out to be a bit loose. I thought since online stores will give you a slim fit instead of a narrow fit so I too would get the same. But turns out I got it exactly like how I did not expect. The trousers and the sleeves are fitting but it is a bit loose from the stomach area i.e. the button closing. But I can manage because it is not that noticeable. As for the quality of the fabric, I like it. I know that this site can give the best quality and I will order again.

  20. Posted by:

    Robert Dunton

    Hated The Movie, Loved The Suit  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Great Gatsby is on the list of the movies that I wasted my time watching. I did not like it one bit. But what I liked about the movie was that they had shown some nice trendy suits. There were a variety of suits, and I liked this off-white one. So in short, I hated the movie but loved the suit.

  21. Posted by:

    Clayton Presson

    It Had Some Sizing Issues, But Were Quickly Resolved Upon Complaint.  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Well, I think I am having a bad day. The Great Gatsby suit arrived and I found a problem in the size. The coat was fitting nicely. Just how I expected it to fit but when I tried on the trousers, the length was too long. I had to give it 3 folds to match my length. Now instead of giving the tailor to stitch it and take a risk of spoiling it more, I decided for the safe option and exchange it. It was done and now it is the right length.

  22. Posted by:

    David Richardson

    On Its Way  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I have given the order for this stylish suit, and I have just received the confirmation email that my order is processed and will be on its way soon. The reason I have given this five stars is that of the customer service., they are co-operative and friendly. So because of this smooth ordering process, I gave it a 5 star.

  23. Posted by:

    Kenneth Govan

    Excellent Product  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    The off-white suit that I got looks good. I find the cut and the color to be designed by a skilled designer. As for the fitting of the suit, I am contented with it. It feels like I went to them personally to give my measurements instead of doing it online. Great quality and stunning suit, so great work.

  24. Posted by:

    Patrick Alvarez

    I like the texture and design of this suit  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    The off-white suit that I got looks good. I find the cut and the color to be designed by a skilled designer. As for the fitting of the suit, I am contented with it. It feels like I went to them personally to give my measurements instead of doing it online. Great quality and stunning suit, so great work.

  25. Posted by:

    William Jimenez

    Accurately Stitched  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    When I first checked out the suit inside out, I found that the stitching technique was done nicely, there are no loose threads or untidy stitching. The finesse on the whole suit is remarkable. Five stars from me.

  26. Posted by:

    Eric McNeal

    Nice for the Price  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    This off-white suit is nice for the price. It fits just right and feels like any other expensive suit I own. Now instead of buying expensive suits from other stores, I will buy suits and tuxedos from here. I will recommend this site to whoever wants to buy suits at a reasonable price and other jackets as well.

  27. Posted by:

    David Beard

    Good Style.  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I ordered some jackets from an online store but never before a suit. For great gatsby suit i had to go through sudden measurements which was really confusing. My dad helped me through this and enter all of them in the site. Finally received it, prayed hard and wore it on. By great help, it's fit completely fine. No problem at all, I'm loving it already.

  28. Posted by:

    Keith S. Bost

    Party Animal in the House  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Looks good, I utilizing the coat and wear it with my jeans pant. Sometimes I do use the whole suit, but with just a coat I look like a Miami Party Dude.

  29. Posted by:

    Louie Payne

    Had Both Negative And Positive Flaws  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I purchased this Leonardo DiCaprio suit for my son to wear it to a prom being in Great Gatsby theme. It had both positive and negative flaws. The ordering process was very easy. Delivery time was amazing! The suit fit perfectly. The cut of the jacket is too high. You can't see the vest at all unless you unbutton all of the buttons. In summary, while I appreciated the customer service and fit of the suit.

  30. Posted by:

    James A. Beebe

    It’s Nice  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I really appreciate, but I could have been more happy if it reached to me on time. But Anyways, the suit is great. Fits like a glove and looks complete royalty. So I’m not going to style like Leo, I’m starting to make up one of my own.

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