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Harley Quinn Suicide Squad New Style Jacket

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Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket


You can now easily dress your self as "Harley Quinn" by wearing makeup and her costume that Margot Robbie adores in Suicide Squad. It’s one of the types of letterman jacket for women with a superhero touch to it.

Completely designed and made by using the top quality satin material while inside its completely viscose lined. It has golden striped red rob knit like the genuine one in the movie. It has golden stripes on sleeves, has golden zipper with J hooked on it. The harley quinn suicide squad jacket has two outside pockets and inside pockets as well. The most important part of the jacket "Property of Joker" logo is glittered screen-printed at the back of the jacket. Also try out the awesome Puddin Choker as well to complete you Harley Quinn Collection.

This is the bundle to complete your Harley Quinn costume and make you style like Dr, Harleen Quinzel. Shop your jacket today.


  • External: Satin Material
  • Internal: Viscose Lining
  • Logo: Glittered Screen Print
  • Front: Zip Closure
  • Pockets: One Inside Pocket
  • Color: Red And Blue


Frequently Bought Together:

*From given size chart It is recommended to select the size option corresponding to your body chest size.

**You can also select the size by comparing your jacket chest measurement that fits you the best.

Note: For Made to Measure sizing, kindly fill this Size Sheet and email us at After placing your order.  Click Here


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  1. Posted by:


    10/10  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    The quality is fantastic! The Harley Quinn jacket is super comfy and incredibly detailed. 10/10

  2. Posted by:


    These are one of those jackets…  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    These are one of those jackets that aren’t seasonal, but you would just want to have it. It’s winter time in Canada now, and I just got it for fun. Of course, I’ll be covering myself with thick clothes, but over that, I plan on wearing this. Let’s see how it goes because inside the house it’s another story. The jacket has some space for me to wear sweaters and stuff so I know I’ll be warm. The lace and the logo are made quite cleanly and firmly on it. That was what gave me little stress before ordering. Luckily, it won’t cause problems.

  3. Posted by:

    Janelle Dwight

    It. Is. So. Good.  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    A friend of my sister’s had this, and she was kind enough to give it to my sister for a week. I wore it secretly just to experience how it feels. The only difference was that the logo wasn’t quite matching the original. I began my search and instantly clicked this link. Seeing that it had the original pattern and logo, I decided to order it. After comparing it to hers, this was the obvious winner. Quality is much better and lighter. This should be recommended.

  4. Posted by:

    Maggie Tucker, from London

    Wasn’t intended on buying it...  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I came here searching for a blazer, but I saw this in the featured products. The color pattern had to be the most attractive point in this jacket. After the usual process, DHL delivered it inside 9 days. 9 days are more than enough to be considered as a superbly fast delivery. I’ll get a blazer from somewhere else, but that’s after I’m fed up of wearing this jacket of Harley Quinn.

  5. Posted by:

    Joyce R

    Issue Dealt In No TIme  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Great jacket but the front zip broke when I roughly zipped it. I pleaded to the representative to take it back and exchange it for a new one - wouldn't mind paying little extra too. Went for an exchange and got the piece. Now I am satisfied with the product and will be more careful.

  6. Posted by:

    Cynthia James

    this jacket has been a confidence booster for me.  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    i never wear jackets like this one here. it's got so many colors that it was very weird for me to move out of my single color outerwears. apparently, this gave loads of compliments about my new look.

  7. Posted by:

    Carmen Marquez

    Just Across The Street  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I had ordered this Harley Quinn jacket, but it came to my neighbor's house.

  8. Posted by:

    Martha L. Brown

    Remote Area Is No Problem  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I live in a remote area but was surprised to see the jacket being delivered to me so early. It fits me well, and I’m double excited as I would be wearing this stunning jacket at Halloween.

  9. Posted by:

    Jenelle Alvarez

    Extra Bead On The Lace  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    The beads on the cuffs were extra because one was extra on the lace. So I just took it out. Other than quality is good as i expected..

  10. Posted by:

    Ailsa Walter

    It was worth the hype.  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Everyone was talking about Celebsclothing having a better Harley jacket than Amazon. When a comparison like that comes up – I had no check it out. What the people said was true on paper. It came down to whether the jacket I get is below par or as good as the people say it is. As a week passed from the confirmation of my order, it was nearly there. In a matter of hours, the jacket arrived in the morning. Exactly 7 days. With all the hype, I can see why they think it’s better. The design is outstanding and that has been featured phenomenally. The lace to the zip, it was just faultless. I surely recommend it.

  11. Posted by:

    Sandra Bowen

    Harley Quinn Mother-Daughter Version.  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    A particular scene in the movie inspired us to do things a little differently this year for Halloween. We got our costumes picked out, and the jackets were the only thing left for us. Some of the accessories are available here, so we made the most of the opportunity. My daughter is 17 and medium fit her perfectly. I too ordered the medium. Both arrived on time with no problem whatsoever. I’ll be ordering from here for my next costume.

  12. Posted by:

    Mia Liu

    Moving away from the fabulous product...  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Firstly, the HQ jacket was fantastic. Not even a single fault was found. But the one thing I must appreciate is the way the store presents itself. Instead of switching tabs, you can browse through pics and see the difference between the styles. Then comes the presentation of the jacket, section by section. Finally, the sizing information is in plain sight. Everything is made so convenient for customers who like to get the work done fast.

  13. Posted by:

    Zahra Miller

    Unique & Authentic  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    This is the style that you would expect Harley Quinn to wear. This is a one of a kind piece that only I have among my friends. Can’t wait to show it off next month.

  14. Posted by:

    Wanda Davis

    Guess my luck was bad.  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I am a tall girl and I ordered this one in large. I hoped the jacket would be perfect for me from every angle. But I ran out of luck as the sleeves were short and it was very tight on the collar. Finally, I contacted the customer service which was quick to respond. They sent me another jacket of the same size. While the sleeves were still short, it was easy on the collar.

  15. Posted by:

    Bridget Jones

    Amazing Jacket and very well stitched and designed.  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    This shiny and vibrant jacket look make it an amazing outfit for the Halloween. It gives a comfortable experience while wearing it. I would be wearing this cute looking apparel during this season. Being a huge fan of Harley Quinn getting this jacket seems like a dream come true for me. Great customer service experience as well. The team at Celebsclothing responded to my queries in an efficient manner and provided me with all the guidance that I needed. It made my decision easier to buy it from them. Would love to purchase other items from them in the future as well.

  16. Posted by:

    Barbara Kerr

    Wasn’t what was showed in the images  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    The jacket’s color was not accurate as advertised. It seems to appear a little-bit faded. Whatever the reason for this, still I like this jacket to wear as it is of my size.

  17. Posted by:

    Margaret, UK

    Great design and very well made  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    The outfit is fabulous, and it fits perfectly on my body. Truly getting a feeling of comfort while wearing it. The material is soft, and lightweight and comfortable apparel. It gives a sexy appearance from the outside. The customer service was excellent. Little delay in shipping and it comes with the fine packaging. It is amazingly well made and looks fabulous. I couldn’t have expected a better outfit than this. It is beyond my expectations. Love the design patterns on the jacket. Extremely satisfied with the purchase.

  18. Posted by:

    Elizabeth Rayna Law

    impressed with the quality of the product  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    The jacket was delivered to my address within a month. Impressed with the quality of the product. Finely designed with neat and clean stitching. The color is not too shiny which is an excellent thing in my opinion.

  19. Posted by:

    Ruth Graham from RSA

    Good price but can’t say that about the jacket  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    The price is right! But the jacket is a bit far from being worth it. The quality of the zip is really poor but the satin is pretty decent. I would recommend it because I exchanged it and got a better one.

  20. Posted by:

    Madison Owens

    When there are a lot of fancy things in a jacket…  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    It usually ends up being a big risk to buy it. But, not with this one. Every little detail that is shown in the pics is made and featured on the one I got. It doesn’t look or feel flimsy but an authentic movie jacket. The designers of the real one would be very proud of this because there isn’t any difference between them.

  21. Posted by:

    Sofia M

    The blog led me here  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Was in search for a Suicide Squad movie version of the Harley Quinn costume and when I saw the jacket, I couldn’t believe the price. I ordered all the times that I need for the costume, now I just need the jacket, belt, and gloves to arrive. Halloween or Comic-Con, I’m going to wear it till I get tired. Craziness like this needs a jacket like this. I love the working done on every corner of it. It certainly is durable and provides me the exact look that I was looking for in the outfit. It was a very informative blog, btw.

  22. Posted by:

    Skye Hawkins

    An unstitched lace  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    The minute I took it from the bag it came in, my eyes immediately went to something that made me panic. A particular portion of the lace that is on the sleeve was not stitched properly. Because of that, it was looking very noticeable. Fortunately, they had emailed me to ask if the jacket was delivered. That was lucky probably. Anyway, I told them about the issue, and they said that I could stitch it, or they can send a new one in exchange. Deciding not to mess it up, I opted to exchange it and get a new one. Within 5 days I got my jacket returned, and it was much better. Out of the 5 times, I ordered from here, this happened only once.

  23. Posted by:

    Bethany P

    I like the presentation :D  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    No clothing store has displayed the jacket in the manner you’ll have. I have to appreciate that. I was about to avoid the product till I saw an up close look of it. I had to buy it!

  24. Posted by:

    Spencer Wright

    The most affordable and definitely the best one on the internet  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    There are so many online stores that are making these Harley Quinn jackets. That’s why I thought that I could buy for my 11-year-old daughter. The only problem was that all of them had such different prices that I couldn’t make mind up. I narrowed it down to the most accurate logo and the best price. This is why I ended up here and got the best jacket for my daughter. Glad I could purchase from here. For any Halloween costume, I can come here and order.

  25. Posted by:

    Amy Lane

    Fully satisfied with it.  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I’m a happy customer who is fully satisfied with it. It arrived on time and is stylish and comfortable to wear. Nice work on the logo...

  26. Posted by:

    Melissa Wilson

    Superb Jacket - It fits me well  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    This jacket is really sensational to wear. The most interesting part is its bright red and blue color as well as the logo on the back. Every time I wear it outdoors, my friends and family members say I look like Harley Quinn. I thought there would be a size problem, but when I wore it, I found it fits me very well. Now I wear it frequently.

  27. Posted by:


    Great Quality! Accurate Style.  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I was a little scared to order from a site I hadn't previously ordered from but I didn't like any of the styles on Amazon and they were incorrect to the picture. This jacket is picture accurate, warm and very detailed. The only problem I had was that I was unaware I'd be paying for Duties, they should probably put that in a disclaimer somewhere on here...anyways, be expecting to pay for duties...but if you get the jacket expedited it arrives really quickly, mine took 3 days! I love it, thanks so much Celebsclothing! my Halloween costume will be even more authentic because of this piece.

  28. Posted by:


    beautiful jacket  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    This jacket is very well made and looks just like harley quinns in suicide squad. Very pleased.

  29. Posted by:


    Went Good Throughout  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    This is really nice. The jacket is all fashioned up with these hot looking detail workings. The costumer service was really impressive in all one transaction. I was really concerned about the size. They really helped me a lot in this matter. After all that set and done, they provided me the best fitting outfit yet. From chest to waist went perfect. Plus I like the color combos, red and blue solid hot. These features I guess are the only main fashion key to this outfit that makes the overall look beautiful. Love the feel of this outfit.

  30. Posted by:

    Dana Williams

    Naturally Stylish Really  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I’m satisfied with the jacket. Looks really impressive with all what is done on it. Very comfortable, natural stylish and sassy. My Friends are loving it too.

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