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Distressed Tom Hardy Coat

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Distressed Brown Mens Shearling Bane Coat


This is the most accurate version of the Distressed Tom Hardy Coat that was worn by Tom Hardy in the Hollywood blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises. He portrayed the character of Bane, and stole the spotlight by playing the villain perfectly.


Get yourself a bold and admirable attitude by wearing this coat. This Bane Coat is made from High quality distress PU leather with faux shearling as the inner lining. This outerwear has become a must-have piece for temperature below freezing point. It is perfect for winter as well as for Cosplay parties. This Bane Coat is no lesser than a feast for your fashion appetite. 



  • Internal: Faux Shearling 
  • External: PU Leather 
  • Pockets: Two Chest Pockets, Two Waist Pockets and Two Inside Pockets
  • Front: Button Closure
  • Color: Distressed Brown

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Bane Distress Coat Owners:

bane dark knight rises coat dark knight rises coat








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Product Reviews

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  1. Posted by:

    Sean Rose

    $159 for a shearling coat?  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    It felt like the devil’s temptation. How could a coat, which looks so cozy, thick, have a perfect design from the movie, cost only $159? I felt very weird and puzzled. To give this store a try, I had to save for a week or two. I had to read the feedback from the customers to be prepared for what could go wrong. It took little more than a week for it to arrive and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The fur was trimmed very neatly and professionally. There wasn’t any excess fur coming out on the buttons or cuffs or collar. The lining that goes around the collar gave a very luxurious look. When the time came to wear it, knowing it’s summer and I’ll start sweating like a pig, I was very keen on checking how soft it would feel. It turns out that I don’t need to wear two wool sweaters inside to keep myself warm. This coat would do the trick even if I wear a simple t-shirt under my formal shirt. The real test is 2 months away.

  2. Posted by:

    Patrick Bates

    This is the only coat I prefer wearing  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Prior to this purchase, I had three coats with a shearling hood but very thin inside lining. After seeing a review regarding the thickness of the lining, I decided to check it out. Well, it’s obviously thicker than the coats I have. This isn’t as thick as I wanted it to be but it does do its job. Every winter, this is the coat I prefer wearing than the other ones.

  3. Posted by:

    Dylan Young

    Comfortable Inside Out  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Seeing how the man is posing in it, made me want to buy it. It’s not too heavy, but it does have a lot of warmth. If I were dead tired, I would probably sleep in it or cover myself with it. The leather is thick, and the fur is cozy. Don’t think anyone would complain regarding comfort or fitting.

  4. Posted by:

    Finley Humphries

    Got this as a Christmas gift in 2015.  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    My mother used her savings to buy the family something classy last winter. Seven months later and the amount of stuff this has been through, shows that this was expensive. It was a great coat, and I will continue wearing every winter. I’m in Finland at the moment and can’t wait for the snow to come. It’ll be a great season to enjoy while wearing this coat.

  5. Posted by:


    There was a hole in the sleeves!!  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    There was a small hole just above the cuffs. While I carefully put it on, smoothly I may add, I noticed that after I had worn it to walk my dog, I was still feeling cold. It’s understandable if the entire body feels cold but if only one part of the body is feeling the cold breeze, then it is weird. I came home to find that there was a hole as the size of my thumb. Of course, I approached them, and they said it could be because of the shipping. Nevertheless, instead of sending it back, I put a patch to cover the hole, and it worked.

  6. Posted by:

    John P. Earley

    Cozy + Comfy= Winter Coat  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    One thing is certain, that my Christmas shopping is done. I ordered the Bane Dark Knight Coat at the best price; surely I will say with all my heart that this is one of the most cozy and comfortable coat I have ever purchased. I can’t believe that such a great quality jacket could be in such great price. I thank you for this great service.

  7. Posted by:

    James Taylor

    Yup!! It will work  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    The “Bane Coat”!! What can I say about the piece that I FINALLY get to own it. Makes me feel that Tom Hardy gifted me or something. Strange thoughts I know, but it’s totally cool. So I’m cool with my purchase as well as the service.

  8. Posted by:


    Perfect Bane Shearling Coat  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Its really good, I am happy with it. Got it pretty fast to Czech Republic (in few days).

    The material wont probably get the patine as in the movie and will look new till destroyed, but the made is good and I think it will be great for cold czech winters, because its really warm.

    I can recommend this product.

  9. Posted by:

    Joe L.

    Love it so far  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I ordered an XL. The length is good, the sleeves are just a little too long and the shoulders are a little tight. However, I love it. Without getting a 100 percent custom fitted coat, I doubt most of us will be able to find anything perfect. I got my bane outfit with white fur. It looks great. It turns heads, but it still maintains a subtlety to it. everything was in order. Great coat. Thanks.

  10. Posted by:


    Best Quality, Great Service & Very Fast Delivering  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Ever since I went to see the Dark Night Rises, I fell in love with the Billy Badass persona of Bane. This was the First bane clothing I found that looked alike. I ordered it and they told me to allow 10 to 14 business days and I got here in 7 days :).. When I got it I couldn't help but to rip open the packaging. It was just like the one in the movie. The inside of the coat is very soft and comfortable as it is of Sheep. When talk about the outlook, even though the leather is not real, it still looks great. I would recommend this dark knight jacket to anyone who is looking for that manly look that this Swiss bomber jacket offers. overall great jacket.

  11. Posted by:


    Bane jacket just ordered.  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I feel like a little kid on Christmas right now. Waiting for mine to arrive. The dark knight jacket looks awesome in the pictures and I'm hoping its as good as it looks in them. Nothing but solid reviews will post another review when I get mine

  12. Posted by:


    Thrilled like when I watched the movie.  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    So at first I was a bit worried that I hadn't received a tracking number for the shipment, and the delivery description said ten to fourteen days. Well they pulled a quick one on me and delivered it in seven (in country delivery). The jacket itself is amazing, plane and simple. Great detail, great quality, and amazing value. You could turn this into a regular winter coat after Halloween.

  13. Posted by:

    C. Solomon

    From Canada with love :)  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    i was eyeballing this bane jacket for months, then i finally decided to go ahead and order it, i am very happy with it!!!! i live in northern Canada and its a very durable jacket, i recommend this Bane coat to others, CHEERS!!!!

  14. Posted by:

    L van Woerden

    Great service, very fast delivering  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    The likeness of bane costume compared to the original is amazing, also the quality of the product is amazing. Too bad there isn't a zipper, but then again bane doesn't have one. The price is awesome with free shipping, a coat like this would cost twice the amount where I'm living. It arrived in a 8 days from the US to the Netherlands.

    Definitely buy here again, I think the Tony Stark jacket is nice for the less cold days.

  15. Posted by:

    Kiara Tighe

    Shopping with you again!  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    So, I am a big fan of Dark Knight !
    When I saw this bane jacket for sale, I went crazy!
    And I am so, so happy with the delivery time, it look less than a week! I will definitely be shopping with you again!

  16. Posted by:

    Simply beyond my wildest expectations!  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    The bane jacket is so great I don't know how to summarize it except that it's clearly Beyond my wildest imaginations! I bet a similar jacket here in Sweden would go for at least 500 bucks. It feels like really high quality.
    I'm a big guy (usually wears XXL) And I chose a 3XL to be sure it wouldn't be to tight. And it was Perfect, just perfect.

    All my friends who saw will most likely order something from here as well. Cheers from Simon in Sweden!

  17. Posted by:


    Better than I expected  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Well made heavy coat that should last. Expected a cheap coat but was surprised when I opened it. My kids really like their father wearing "Banes coat" from the dark knight movie! It even came with a decent storage bag.

  18. Posted by:


    "Bane Replica Costume" Not Bad At All  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Ever since I went to see the Dark Night Rises, I fell in love with the Billy Badass persona of Bane Clothing. This was the First jacket I found that looked like it was quality. I ordered it and it told me to allow 10 to 14 business days and it got here in 7 days... When I got it I couldnt help but to rip open the packaging. There it was. Just like the one in the movie. The inside of the coat (sheep) was very soft and comfortable and the outside although it wasnt real leather was very nice. it fits great! I would recommend this dark knight rises jacket to anyone who is looking for that manly/classy look that this swiss bomber jacket offers. overall great jacket.

  19. Posted by:

    japeth Harrison

    amazeing coat! just the best!!!!  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I love this coat its by fare the best replicka I have found!!!! I plan on letting this be my premire winter Coat!!!!!

  20. Posted by:


    It's great!  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Not only a *near*-perfect representation for what's in the film, it's also very practical, will keep you warm in the winter months, but isn't too heavy to be unable wear in more moderate temperatures.

  21. Posted by:


    Well...that is great!  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I've ordered it to Berlin, Germany and was pleased to find it in my mail after a week. The bane itself is very well done, it looks stunning and my friends freaked out screaming "It is from Bane, isn't it?" :)

    I love it

  22. Posted by:


    The coat is great!  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    The best replica out there. You can wear this awesome coat during the coldest winter and be happy :)

  23. Posted by:


    best Shearling coat and cheapest price 6 stars !!!!!  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    best quality coat on the market amazing color every thing is flawless highly recommend to any batman fan !!!

  24. Posted by:


    Cant Wait !  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I can't wait to receive this jacket. I just ordered it last night and i hope it arrives quick and is everything that i want it to be ! After reading the reviews on other products on this website, this company seems to know what they're doing, so i really hope that this jacket suits my expectations as much as it did other peoples.

  25. Posted by:

    Martin R.

    Perfect costume  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    This is a great coat. I looked at leather coats like this one at several store, and they were much more, like around $250 more. I like the coat so much.

  26. Posted by:

    Joseph C

    perfect bane replica jacket  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Nice bane Halloween jacket. reasonable price, good value, and I'm very happy with my purchase. Thank you!

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