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Barry Allen Maroon Leather Jacket

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Maroon Leather Flash Jacket of Barry Allen For Men

To dress in a casual way with a superhero approach, you got to check out the all new The Barry Allen Flash Jacket of Season 2. Made just like the costume but now into a jacket, you can style differently as compared to other superhero fans. Make your appearance be more heroic by wearing this exceptional outerwear.

The Barry Allen Leather Jacket is made of PU Leather, with inner lining of Viscose for your comfortable and durable wear. It has a stand-up collar along with a front zip closure. On the center represents the identity, a white logo as seen in the show. The designs on this piece are embossed and crafted by our qualified makers to their very best.


  • External: PU Leather
  • Internal: Viscose Lining
  • Front: Zip Closure
  • Pockets: Two Inside Pockets

To ensure the jacket fits properly please refer our "Size Chart", it is recommended to add 5-6 inches to your actual chest size. For example, if your chest measures 40" select a jacket with the Actual Chest Size of 46." (Size M)

Note: For Made to Measure sizing, kindly fill this Size Sheet and email us at After placing your order.  Click Here

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  1. Posted by:


    This is the best jacket of the Flash.  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I haven’t had a good run with leather jackets in the past. That’s the reason I chose to stay away from wearing them too much. Now that I see my favorite superhero’s costume transformed into a leather jacket, I couldn’t resist. Surprisingly, the leather is so soft and flexible that I don’t need to hang it or look like a human rack in it. The size is a bit big but it comes nicely on my body, much as the picture. The Flash jacket is amazing and I highly recommend it.

  2. Posted by:


    Fastest ‘Delivery’ Alive  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Three days! It took three days to arrive! I’m so lucky to have this delivered to me in such quick time. The flap had a firmly stitched patch for it to close on. The zips were strong but smooth to open and close. The collar didn’t choke me. This is one jacket that didn’t injure me, so I have to give it 5 stars.

  3. Posted by:

    Kelton Anthony

    Not a huge fan of the season 1 jacket  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I initially ordered the jacket of season 1. I didn’t like how it looked on me, so I returned it for the season 2 jacket. That looked much better and realistic.

  4. Posted by:

    Leo Brooks

    Keep Up The Good Work..  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Cheers to another great quality jacket with punctual delivery.

  5. Posted by:

    David Grant

    Something about this jacket looked odd.  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    To give it a try since it wasn’t too expensive, I placed my order. The thing what I expected to be odd was the waist. I’m talking about the jacket from season 1. For some reason, I thought it was a pullover style leather jacket. This assumption came after I ordered it lol. Anyway, the jacket arrived, and the first thing I went to inspect is the bottom of the jacket. Then I came to know it has a Velcro strap. That played the role of the belt of the costume – somewhat.

  6. Posted by:

    Jeremiah Angelo

    Half Closed Pocket  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    One inside pocket came half closed. It apparently looked like the stitching was done too much to ensure that it doesn't rip. In the end, I had to cut a little thread off, so it became usable.

  7. Posted by:

    Harold Davis

    Nicely Done Fellas  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Now what I always wanted to trend with this red apparel is with black jeans. I always adore the black and red combination and with this jacket it actually worked. Comfortable and the zip runs smooth. I mostly face the problem on the zips but this one doesn’t seem to be in that way.

  8. Posted by:

    Mark Kinsler

    To Wear or Not To Wear  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Never seen a red jacket and never owned one. Now I do and it is fantastic. It’s The Flash’s outfit they say and I’m a huge DC fan. Will try to wear this at the Comic Con.

  9. Posted by:

    Jaime B (USA)

    What’s wrong with the logo  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Though the jacket is all good., I have problem with the logo. I don’t see anywhere in the comics the logo being that of a zig zag. More like a macaroni shaped logo but one thing good that you did guys get the color right. Plus the fitting is very good, only the logo was an issue.

  10. Posted by:

    Michael S. Putman

    Cool Detailing  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    I have seen many superhero jackets of both Marvel and DC but this site has something really unique that makes it standout among the rest. I am talking about the detailing on the shoulders. It adds a whole new look to it and that is the reason I bought this outfit.

  11. Posted by:

    Christopher Wilson

    Decent Attempt  Review Rating

    Tick Icon Verified Purchase

    Apart from the punctual delivery and accurate fitting, there is one slight problem with the jacket and that is the logo. The bolt is a bit rigid but it is not too visible. This is the only site that fits my budget and I was really impressed with the attempt. That is why I will give it 5 stars.