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Shearling clothing has been around for a long time. Moreover, by the words ‘long time’ we really do mean a long time as it was introduced way back around 4000 BC when people wore shearling due to it being comfortable and warm. This is because shearing sheep and making clothes to wear out of them is one of the easier methods of crafting materials. One might think that due to this long timeline of shearling clothing, they would be out of fashion by now, or even considered an insult to wear. Well, that is entirely incorrect as shearling has never gone out of fashion. In fact, the exact opposite has happened as Shearling coat and jackets have increased in style and glamour. It has become the most sought out outerwear for the cold season and it is not only the adults that are wearing it, it is the teenagers as well. All because they are inspired by the celebrities and the styles, colors and pattern that they are now available in, so it routinely becomes attractive and appealing to them to pay money for and dress in it.



Worn all through the different eras, shearling outfits have been modified each time to fit the needs of that particular era. Currently, shearling jackets and leather shearling coat worn in the most cold regions like Northern US, Canada, Russia, UK, Sweden, Norway, etc. One Direction member, Harry Styles, donned a tan color shearling jacket. His outerwear has a peak lapel collar style, which represents an overall classy look. Harry Styles is no stranger to fashion since he is dressed attractively from head to toe so being inspired by his sense of dressing makes perfect sense.



However, they are not limited to cold regions as Men's shearling coat, Men's leather shearling jackets, as well as Womens Shearling coat, and women's shearling jackets are worn in the winter season in warm regions as well. The women prefer to don the shawl shearling jackets since it has glamour and looks amazingly gorgeous. It has no front closure so they can be worn easily as you can see in the picture above. The detailing features finely trimmed shearling on the outside on the lines. Of course, there are hooded shearling jackets and simple ones.



Now that we have covered the history and usage of shearling items, one might ask the question that why would one want to buy shearling coats or jackets. Each person would have their own reason. Well, there are four reasons we have for you to do so.

1. Firstly, the material is really soft, so there is no discomfort while wearing it. This is important as people often look for this one thing when searching for jackets.

2. Secondly, as the sheepskin is dense, it makes it all the more durable. We do not need to tell you about the importance the factor of durability. The more wear and tear an item can bear, the more people are likely to purchase it. It is not rocket science.

3. Another reason would be that the shearling outfits are extremely adaptable. Given that these are made from a dense material, it could send the signal that they are only for cooler climates, but that is not the case. Sheepskin is well known for its property of breathability. Air moves comfortably in outfits made from wools of sheep. So they can be worn in warmer regions.

4. Lastly, in simple words, they are stylish. A Faux shearling women jacket is gaining popularity as well along with the traditional ones, as people are rushing to the stores to buy shearling clothing. As we said before, people used to buy them for comfort and their softness. Nowadays the fashion element has also been added to the mix as shearling jackets have adapted to the fashion industry around it.

All of the reasons which have been mentioned above show how Shearling jackets and coats are better than most of the other types of clothes out there. Other than being this handy, they also symbolize the luxuriousness you require in your style and are great fashionable attire. The rich people in the films always wear faux shearling coats in the winter and immediately look like a must have clothing item. There might less than five reasons to have a shearling jacket in your wardrobe, but these are legit enough. As all of you know, we at Celebsclothing always try to provide you with products that are of highest quality.


This is exactly why we have introduced a collection of shearling jackets, coats, and even shearling vest. Our collection so far includes the distressed shearling jacket, Bane Coat, Bane jacket, Shearling Coat of Bane, Black Shearling Biker Jacket, White Shearling Jacket, Shearling leather jacket, Shearling biker jacket, Black Shearling Moto Leather Jacket, and a lot more. As is our usual practice, we are always introducing newer and most latest items on our website. This is why many more Shearling jackets, coats, and vests are yet to come other than these mentioned. So if you cannot find a coat, jacket or vest you like, then be sure to visit anytime soon as we might have that item in next to no time.



If you already own a shearling blade runner jacket or if you plan on purchasing one in the future, it is always advisable to do some detailed researching before you buy anything. Everything needs maintenance, even if it is a clothing item. You do not want to spend your money on something that you do not want to last long. Whether it is cheap or expensive, the fact that you had spent money from your own pocket on an item automatically means that you are looking for it to last as long as possible. Instead of stressing out on how to take care of it when there is a stain or something, you can just follow these 10 steps, and you can look at your jacket last for years.

1. First and foremost, do not even consider of putting a jacket or the coat in the washing machine. This is the most important fact that you must keep in mind when you need to wash your outfit. Shearling jackets need to be air dried after washing it with your hand.

2. It is always good to take extra care of your clothes. This means to wipe the stain immediately or try to remove it within a few minutes of the mishap. It spares you the inconvenience of cleaning it when you are at ease. It prevents the stain from spoiling the jacket even more, and you can remove it easier. Do not wait for the stain to be a part of the material and damage it.

3. It is never a good idea to put these types of jackets next to an open fire or in a place where there are chances of extensive heat exposure. It is bound to spoil the leather as well as the fur. So keep it distant from any sort of heat sources.

4. When you leave it out to dry, do not keep it in the scorching sun for weeks. Extra exposure to sunlight will end up bleaching the jacket. Even if your jacket is inside your home, the rays of the sun passing through the window can damage the outfit. Make sure to keep checking on the jacket to see if it is dried or not.

5. Special cloth bags are available to hang your jackets so make sure you have enough according to the shearling jackets to hang them in. Putting them in plastic bags is not the most sensible move. Jackets need to breathe, and the cloth garment bags are the only things that allow that. The moisture needs to go out of the jacket instead of it getting trapped inside.

6. After using your shearling jacket, make sure that you keep it at a certain distance from other clothes. It needs to hang comfortably and freely, rather than being pressed tightly with your other clothes.. There should be an adequate distance for it to hang that you can just smoothly take it from the hanger in a second.

7. It is never a good option to hang it roughly like on the doorknob. A proper hanger is a better option to hang it to avoid horrible creases, and it can dry it out evenly instead of being damped in certain areas.

8. Spring is the best season to clean your shearling jacket because if you decide to clean it during the winter, salt and other elements will mount up and destroy the exterior of the jacket, spoiling the luxurious look. Always clean in it during spring since it is a perfect time and has the perfect weather for it to dry when the jacket is wet.

9. Silicone is a bad option to use on the jacket. The jacket’s specified products and this never go hand in hand.

10. If you plan on putting any stickers for whatsoever reason, please refrain from doing so. When you will pull them off, some fabric might get removed with it.

These 10 points briefly sum up the procedure and the methods on how to take care of your shearling jackets. At first glance, it is very common to think that these cost over $600 because of how professionally the fur is trimmed and the other detailing. It is all about the fur and the extra bit of designs and pattern that make the outfit more appealing to the viewers when you wear. Shearling is thought to be kind of expensive but in an online store like this, you should not have any problem in buying it. Just place your order and be amazed by how such a reasonable price can give you a quality of a jacket that is worth much more. It is all about making life easier and fulfilling the desires of the customers, and this store does exactly that. Each outfit in the Prom Suits and Tuxedos collection is made differently and accordingly to when and where you want to wear it. Some of the jackets are thick while some are thin enough to suit your country’s weather conditions. It is not only about looking good but also being comfortable in it.


Every single person wants to take care of themselves from falling sick or feeling cold in the winter. These are ultimately warm and very cozy. The main feature is definitely the fur on the inside. It should be just perfect to keep you temperate and comfortable. If the fur is not good enough then you should no waste your money on that. As an alternative, make your way to this store as you are guaranteed a properly crafted outerwear to provide you the high-level comfort and satisfaction you expect. Celebrities are wearing it for various reasons so why not join them. This collection makes it more convenient for you to choose your favorite shearling jacket. There are outfits for men and women and are regarded to be as the most wanted new arrival outfits of 2016.

All of the items available have been made using finesse skills and first-class material so that you get simply the best shearling coats and jackets available on the entire net. The lining on the products is such that they will add to the comfort of the already comfy clothes. Be assured that you would be getting not only a brilliant product but sublime service as well. Additionally, benefits of free shipping and free returns and exchange are available too. Apart from that, the usual discount that we provide on all of our items is also applicable here as we try to bring you the best items available on the entire internet.