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The Greatest Ever Collection Of Michael Jackson Leather Jackets


During the 80's and 90's, actors, singers, musicians tried to set their distinctive style. It was the benchmark and standard they want to set for their fans to idolize and remember them for decades to come. Everyone had their unique way of showing up at concerts or red carpet their TV series clothing for awards. Some managed to be noticed if they didn’t manage to take any prizes. In the 21st century, there have been weird costumes and hairstyles. . Nobody can touch Michael Jackson’s success in the music industry. He has received every major award there is to get for his amazing talent in the industry. To put an end to all the comparisons with other great solo artists, he was awarded with the Artist of the Millennium award. That accolade is enough to inform the world.


Michael Jackson's Unique Fashion

Just to make them look far superior to the rest. Actors have given up this trend and prefer to look dapper and straightforward. Artists, on the other hand, have kept that trend alive. Duos, bands, solo artists, each managed to get the most bizarre looking matching outfits that would describe their personality correctly. Some are carrying the trend from 80’s to the early 2000’s. Among all this, fashion was always the focal point of their lives, whether they were on stage or off stage. If there was anyone who managed to pull it off, besides Daft Punk, it was Michael Jackson. MJ exhibited positive fashion in his particular way everyone beloved to follow him and still do to date. Not only men used Michael Jackson leather jackets, but women also started to dress in them.


MJ's Trademark Look Black Hat & White Gloves

The way Michael Jackson Jacket maintained his hat and white gloves had indeed made him famous. His outfit was not unique but also showed creativity and immense talent popping out of the apparel. He managed to make an astonishing impression on his fans with his appealing outfits and not only his outfits were to be praised, but his songs were also of excellent quality. His albums made hits at the box office that gave him the title of “The King of Pop”.


The Move That The World Wanted To Imitate

He had another great talent that the world knows him by is his break dance. There was absolutely no other person on the planet who could dance like he did. He was unbeatable throughout his career. He introduced many new steps in the dance industry, such as “Moon Walking”. Moon Walking was a great hit, and the people started copying his moves. The ladies went crazy over him, and his concerts were always overcrowded. His breathtaking moves, fantastic outfit, marvelous songs and terrific outfit made him the best in the industry. His songs are now all time favorite for people of all ages. The most successful hits include History, Thriller, Bad, and much more.


Michael Jackson In 'Bad' Music Video

The song showed a gangster wandering around on the streets and ready to take on its rival. It shows two groups of gangsters colliding head to head with each other and the theme of the song depicts that there is no space for people who are weak in this world. They should “Beat It” and if they want to survive, they have to have some guts to survive.


Michael Jackson In 'Thriller' Music Video

Likewise, “Thriller” was also a significant hit and people all over the globe like the song due to its remarkable zombie theme, its outstanding music, and most of all the dance steps through which the superstar brought chaos in the music world. These two have been the top desires of the fans.


The Cotton & Leather Jackets That Nobody Has Ever Seen Before

The most extraordinary factor that Michael Jackson made sure that nobody can bring forward is his fashion. Jackets that we see so commonly today that is worn by rock bands and other artists is courtesy of the King of Pop. He brought something to the world that nobody would even think about existing. There is no precise name for some of the jackets he wore during his concerts, but they have been in high demand ever since. Whether it is the men or even the women, Michael Jackson thriller jacket is wanted by all. Luckily for those who share that same desire, the clothing store of Celebsclothing are offering the best and most commonly worn jackets of MJ at a reasonable rate so all the fans can avail them. Have a look at how his style has captured millions of fans.


Michael Jackson This Is It Tour Punk Jacket

When Michael Jackson announced his return to touring the biggest stadiums and venues as his official comeback into music, the world could not be more happy. However, since he has done numerous tours in his 25-year career, fans could not help but ask what will be the name of the tour. After a few weeks or so, it was announced that the tour would be called, This Is It. This jacket was supposed to be worn during one of his songs, more likely Beat It since it reflects the whole punk gangster look.


Michael Jackson Whitehouse Black Jacket

Michael Jackson became a well known name during the 80’s and 90’s. Eventually, the entire world wanted to meet him or at least see him. Judging by how he has helped shaped the charities and take a stand against the world’s major problem, it was clear that he was not only here to make music. He was invited by presidents of countries, and the visit that will be remembered by all was the meeting in the Whitehouse. This classy looking jacket was worn at that time, and it could not have been designed better.


Michael Jackson Bad Tour Jacket

The iconic jackets that he wore were spotted at his tours. The music videos had more sober looking attire while the concert truly showed what Michael Jackson is all about. His rash and dynamic looks came from leather jackets rather than his suits. This was worn during the Bad concert opening act where thousands of fans witnessed his captivating performance. His song was all about being badass, and the jacket did it justice. The silver badges that are placed on the body like sashes took military jackets to a different level.


Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket

Nobody can ignore or not know about this leather jacket. Jackson wore it for only one particular reason, and that was during his performance of his chart-topping track, Thriller. The world knows that apart from the song being a huge pop hit back then; the album titled the same name became the biggest selling album of all time. No other singer has come close to equaling the sales of Thriller. This jacket is so famous that in a recent Hollywood movie, X-Men: Apocalypse, it was worn by the actor that played Nightcrawler’s role as his temporary outfit.


Michael Jackson History Tour Military Jacket

History was one of Michael Jackson’s greatest work and his fifth album. It is like everything he created, whether it was music for his fans, for the underprivileged or for his haters, all were a big success. The History tour that he did showed us this world class white military jacket. It was the time when Michael Jackson made this style of jackets very popular and it was even part of his random appearances for meetings etc.


Michael Jackson Beat It Bad Tour Jacket

This is another iconic jacket that has been on sale at various online stores over the past years. The Beat It jacket is regarded to be one of the all-time best outfits of Jackson. He wore a simpler looking one in his music video but for his concert; Michael Jackson chose to wear a unique snakeskin leather version of it. Seeing a leather jacket in another color other than black was something extraordinary. But seeing one like this would make people be in awe. If there were an outfit that defined his glittering career, it would be this one.


Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial Jacket

The best way to boost your sales of your product is to get one of the biggest stars in the world to promote it. It is a great marketing strategy, and Pepsi made full use of it. Michael Jackson wore this outerwear in an entertaining commercial that showed him dance with a kid that had that same killer moves like him. When a star is promoting a product, everyone will want to try it out. Pepsi became an even more popular drink because of that commercial alone. This white and black leather jacket is still popular till today, and various patterns of this are worn as a casual item.


Michael Jackson Gold Military Jacket

The late 90’s onwards began the trend of military mens jackets, and the world could expect that the next time Michael Jackson makes an appearance; he will wear one of his customized military style jackets. This was worn during another appearance that gave the people another chance to call him Wacko Jacko. That name stuck and those that raised wild accusations that he went to court many times for, kept calling him that. Furthermore, after all of that, he avoided all those monikers and showed how he could pull off an extraordinary outfit and look good in it.

As mentioned before, the greatest artist of all time has worn many other outfits throughout his career. From leather jackets to suits, from t-shirts to sequins tops, he has worn those styles of clothing that people would normally avoid. Fast forward to the era of the 21st Century and suddenly everyone wants to dress up like the King of Pop for Halloween and other superhero costume events. What used to be bizarre and wacky, is now the definition of glamour and popularity. It does not take long to degrade a pop star as big as Michael Jackson. However, that never stopped him from doing what he does best, regardless of what all is being revealed after the star’s departure. His clothing line and influence on the most amazingly designed jackets will always be remembered for decades to come.


In the collection of Michael Jackson Jackets, we have the Michael Jackson Beat It Jacket and the Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket. Beat it was a song from Michael Jackson’s sixth album, “Thriller”. Some are willing to sell their most expensive belongings just to get a hold of this. Now spend comfortably on this jacket to get that same iconic look that MJ had when he wore these clothes. It has been more than six years since his death and he is still in the media for all the wrong things. It is either the scandal that led to his demise or for the infamous Neverland ranch investigation. Nothing can be confirmed to the world just how bad he was but everyone has witnessed the good he has done when he was alive.

Although he is no more with us, his loss of life has not ceased people from following Michael Jackson clothes design. His death brought grief to not only his fans but also people around the world because people not only knew him as a pop star but he was also a great charity giver. He used to give charity with an open heart and had a soft corner for people who are in need; especially children. The music star’s soul departed this world on June 25th, 2009, after his controversial personal physician could not revive him. The emergency was called on, but it was of no use, he was declared dead later on. The fans of the greatest artist of all time will certainly avail this golden opportunity of getting to own their idol’s clothing. These celebrity jackets are easily recognizable by any music lover all over the world.