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James Bond Skyfall Tuxedo Suit

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Skyfall Midnight Blue Tuxedo for Prom and Weddings


The Screen Accruate Design of Daniel Craig Tuxedo worn by James Bond 007. Inspired from Hollywood's renowned film, (Skyfall 2012), worn by Daniel Craig, reprising the legendary character of James Bond.

This Wedding Tuxedo is meant to electrify the viewers with the very first of its look. The Navy blue color represents the male dominance and superior when wearing for Prom Parties or Weddings.

The jacket has a black satin lapel collar, single button closure, and  two welt pocket at the chest. The neat stitching, done by trained craftsmen, assures the excellence and brilliance. Along with jacket comes the flat-front trouser, with Made to Measure service without any additional charges, which makes a SMART DEAL

Details of Product:

  • High Quality Fabric
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Premium Stitching Throughout
  • MADE to Measure


  • Black Satin Lapel
  • Single button closure
  • Two Jetted Pocket At Waist and Two Inside Pockets
  • Four Buttons At The Sleeves Cut


  • Flat-Front Trousers

Note: For Made to Measure sizing, kindly fill this size sheet and email us at sales@celebsclothing.com after placing your order. Click Here

Order Processing Time: 8 - 12 business days



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Product Reviews

  1. Great Movie, Better Tuxedo Review Rating

    Posted by John Bartlett

    This is the best choice I have ever made in clothing wise. I have watched the movie Skyfall and I found it really incredible but what even better is the tuxedo that Bond wore. It stood out from all the other outfits according to me. This is the reason I purchased it. I wore it a few days back for my wedding anniversary dinner at a hotel and my wife told me it was matching the occasion. It was a special night as it was our first anniversary, so I had to wear something special to mark the occasion and this did its job to perfection.

  2. Your New Fan Review Rating

    Posted by Ricky C. Cooper

    I see that your site is creating a huge fan base and always satisfying its customers. I too would like to be part of your fan base. The reason is simple. The tuxedo is classy. I will be wearing it soon for a reunion with my friends at a hotel. I think I feel like wearing it as much as I can because it is light weighted and feels very soothing. Every detail is finished with perfection and shows the skills involved in making it one of the best outfits.

  3. Just the Thing as My Son’s Gift Review Rating

    Posted by Edward John

    My son’s biggest night of his school life is coming up and I wanted it to be worth it. Prom is a big thing especially when it is your first dance night. We were having a lot of problem in searching for his size and the color which he liked. There were a lot of difficulties that I faced regarding his size but I am glad that is over. Your site had his size and I got the order in the right time. Everything was perfect. Instead of giving it to him randomly, I decided to give it as a birthday gift since his is arriving a week before his prom.

  4. Exchanged For a Bigger Size Review Rating

    Posted by Daniel Brunson

    First of all, I have to praise the site’s delivery speed and durable quality materials but I just had a minor issue with the tuxedo. The coat I got was a bit short in length for my body. The sleeves were not long enough as I would like them to be and the length of the coat was just below the waist when it should be closer to the pockets. Later I had returned the tuxedo and got a bigger one. The trousers were fine and now the coat fits nicely.

  5. Best Facility Review Rating

    Posted by Gordon Taylor, AUS

    Everyone is complimenting the stunning tuxedo but that should not over shadow the brilliant service facilities that this online store offers. Free shipping, the low price that everyone can afford for a designer like outfit, the super speed delivery, exchange returns and the top quality fabrics being used in making these attires, are tremendous. I highly recommend this to all.

  6. Efficient & Unparalleled Review Rating

    Posted by Randy Becker

    Speaking about this online store of Celebsclothing.com, all I have to say is that it is the best online store of suits. I saw there is a vast variety of exceptional suits and I have already ordered 3 from here. So that shows how much I appreciate your site and its product. The services are worth being thankful about. No other online store can match the services of your free shipping and resourcefulness.

  7. 5 Stars Isn’t Enough Review Rating

    Posted by Sean M.

    I personally wish that I could give this tuxedo 10 out of 5 stars. I know I know it does not make sense but I can’t help it. The quality is really amazing and it is honestly worth more than 5 stars. Every inch of this suit speaks volumes about it being the supreme outfit to wear to any formal occasion and show off your class through it. Absolutely amazing piece I must say.

  8. Smooth As Silk Review Rating

    Posted by Joshua Chu

    The texture of the tuxedo is amazing. It is so smooth that I just can’t stop touching it. When they say that the qualities of the materials that are used are of the highest grade, they really do mean it, word by word. The tuxedo’s collar is the best, it feels like silk. I think I have fallen in love with this outfit, I hope I don’t sound too weird. Anyway, I think I should reveal my secret to my friends about where I got my tuxedo from; after all it is worth mentioning.

  9. Important Factors Review Rating

    Posted by Kenneth Burris

    To admit the truth, I do not like writing reviews but if the package is so good then I have no choice but to write one.
    First factor is that the online store is the best I have ever come across. I am very lazy to go window shopping to different places so I prefer sitting at home and ordering, that means going through and checking out a lot of online stores. But when I ordered this tuxedo from here, it was the most convenient process I had to go through.
    Second, the customer service is better than any other online site. They are polite, kind, patient and informative. They gave me all the details that I forgot to even ask about.
    Third is that I wanted a smooth delivery. Now with all the other online stores in the past, I sometimes got the package late, sometimes very rarely I got it early like once in a blue moon, literally, and sometimes very late. But this store delivered it in perfect time. I must say that they know how to maintain the satisfaction of customers. I don’t know about others but I got mine in time.
    Fourth, the price, I had to only pay for the item and nothing else. So that saved a lot of bucks for me. I had no issue in this delivery and I will return to order again.
    Fifth, last but not the least, the product. It was just too good. The quality I expected, it lived up to it, first class tuxedo of the most stylish character in Hollywood that I will highly suggest to all.
    So these are the 5 factors I thought of informing all of you’ll with my personal experience and therefore I gave it full marks, 5 out of 5.

  10. Superior to a Branded Tux Review Rating

    Posted by John Windham

    Nobody can even come close to compare their outfits to James Bond. He is just on a whole other level of style. Over the years people have been fascinated with his way of dressing and amazing accessories but never got the chance to have it for themselves. That is going to change because I finally own a tuxedo worn by Bond. For me it is like the best ever outfit than any branded one I own.

  11. Hard To Believe… Review Rating

    Posted by Dorian Fry

    The truth that the price is so affordable for an exceptional tuxedo, that too of 007, is very hard to believe. It is every guy’s wish that the tuxedo he wants to wear should meet his limited budget requirement. But with this online store of yours, guys will not have any trouble where the prices of the items are concerned. The eminence of this tuxedo is just amazing.

  12. PROM!! Review Rating

    Posted by Herbert R. James

    It is here!!! I have officially decided to wear this to this year’s Prom. This will be my last year and I am looking forward to leave a lasting impression on my classmates and obviously, my date. This is an important night for all the students. Especially for me, because last time I had worn a suit from your online store and it proved to work wonders. That is why I decided to return to your site again for some inspiration and I found this one of a kind tuxedo. I just had to get it. Prom is just a few weeks away and I can’t wait to wear it that day.

  13. Happy Faces Review Rating

    Posted by Michael A. Jones

    Not only have I had a smile on my face but the customer too. I am sure that, like the customer’s pic on your site, everyone that wore this for a purpose has a huge smile from ear to ear. I for sure had one big smile when I tried on the tuxedo for the first time. Every single time I wear this tuxedo, I am always in good spirits because a lot of people compliment me for it. So yeah, I am proud of the outfit. This site is just magnificent.

  14. Very Contented Review Rating

    Posted by Gary Ramsey Jr.

    I just cannot imagine how good it feels to own a James Bond outerwear. I am one of the very lucky customers who got the once in a lifetime opportunity to wear a classy tuxedo that belonged to Bond in one of the most biggest movies. I have no complains about the product as it is made very well and with professionalism. There is nothing to be marked out as a mistake.

  15. Haven’t Seen The Original… Review Rating

    Posted by Jack Carter

    I have not seen the original tuxedo which was worn by Daniel but I think this is the original quality. No other tux has the quality compared to this 007 tuxedo. I just wanted a good one desperately and I didn’t bother much about the color or style, I just needed it since I had to wear it for my sister’s wedding. Being her biggest brother, I had to look good too. This was just a random pick but turned out to be awesome.

  16. Great Tux Review Rating

    Posted by Bobby Gaines

    This is the most coolest tuxedo I have ever worn, or I will ever wear. The tuxedo is just the right size and I love the comfort I got by putting it on the first time. It was quite unusual from any other which I wore. It is surprisingly fitting me from every inch and that is why I like it and would recommend people of this online store. They do sell good quality items.

  17. Aiming for Success Review Rating

    Posted by Rodney M. Huss

    Well I don't think any of my buddies will know it's a Daniel Craig suit from Skyfall. It looks good anyways. Loved the way it is deigned and fits good on me too. Yeah i got plans wearing it and i hope it turns into success one.

  18. Styling Like A Best Review Rating

    Posted by Jack Mills

    For 2 years, I still have the black suits in my closet and to be honest I’m fed up of black. I want a new color suit. I’ve heard about Celebsclothing.com on Facebook. Upon checking the homepage, I came across the Skyfall Suit. I checked out the specifications but the only problem occurred is when they posted the James Bond photo with the suit instead of their personal photo shoot. I’ve never ordered anything from an online site, and I was worried about my sizing and stuff. I gave my measurements and everything, and in return they promised me the screen accurate constructed. I was not much in a hurry. I believe in Patience is a Virtue. Finally, it came to me and without any delay I wore it at that time. Everything seemed to be great, and it found no fault in it, as well. So well, all I can say is, thank you and keep on rolling.

  19. Perfect James Bond Tuxedo Rental Review Rating

    Posted by Erik

    I can't speak highly enough of this Tuxedo rental and the staff of this company. I ordered it for a Halloween event. The staff made sure I received the suit in time for the party. Can't thank you enough. As to the product itself, it is very well made, beautiful and the fabric is wonderful. I received many compliments. Truly an eye catcher and stands apart from the standard black.

  20. Nice Fit!! I Love Navy Blue Tuxedos Review Rating

    Posted by Roger Mullan

    I ordered this suit online, It fitted me so perfectly and the fabric and overall look was so great. I loved it..

  21. The alternative Option Review Rating

    Posted by Everett Maxwell

    It being sort of a English tradition to get the suit stitched up for big events, and I been practicing the same tradition for quite a long time, so when my tailor was out of town this year, I reluctantly tried the alternative option of purchasing online, it was thrilling but pleasant experience on time delivery, fitting and detailing almost to perfection, but good thing is it cost me much lesser than I would have normally paid.

  22. 007 Clothing WORTH a wait Review Rating

    Posted by Thomas T. Jones

    It arrives In a perfect packaging, with 2 days delay but man! It worth a wait. Its always a good idea to order few days ahead when making online purchase. . It looks much better than it appears on monitor.

  23. Fantastically, Fabulous Review Rating

    Posted by Roy A. Monson

    Quality of fabric is fabulous, It fits very well and most of all It looks great on me. I am not a bound, my entry would not be less dramatic that his.

  24. Absolutely Stunning Midnight Blue Suit Review Rating

    Posted by Kevin Ochoa

    I came across this site when I was searching for tuxedos for a very special occasion that was just around the corner. When I arrived to this site it was like finding El dorado. I was skeptical about the product but I went ahead and purchased it and it arrived at my doorstep much sooner than expected. I tried it and it fit like a glove. Perfection is the least I could say. Fabric is of very high quality and very comfortable. I extremely advise people to shop at this store as it is phenomenal.

  25. best quality and great comfort Review Rating

    Posted by Mark J. Whitley

    I have always been a fan of JB 007 Clothing and have always admired them for their notably elegance. Your product is just perfect! The size, quality of the fabric and comfort level of this suit is spot-on! I have a pleated shirt and a formal bow tie, which has a perfect go. I would always recommend everyone to consider shopping from your store.

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